Est. 2010

Word Art

All these images are done in various hand written words such as song lyrics, poems, books and various other things. I also do commission works for interested customers, this is when you get to pick your picture, words, and size of the piece. 

Your Hand in Mine Words.jpg
Bell Jar Small copy.jpg
Your Hair Is Everywhere.jpg
The Words We Say.jpg
The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot Brand New Words.jpg
The Best Thing To Hold Onto In Life Is Each Other.jpg
Somewhere Between Unsure.jpg
So Long Innocence....jpg
Screaming Infidelities.jpg
Restless Dream.jpg
On the Road.jpg
Obama Hope and Change.jpg
Not So Usual.jpg
Twist and Shout low.jpg
All Kinds of Kinds low.jpg
California English low.jpg
Don't Panic low.jpg
Fake Plastic Trees Radiohead Words low.jpg
Into The Wild low.jpg
It's Hard To Say.. If Only... low.jpg
Marilyn low.jpeg
Quoth the Raven, Nevermore Low.jpg
Some Like It Hot.jpg
Goldthwaite Commission copy.jpg
Ohio Blood Buzz The National Words.jpg
nightmare before christmas Small.jpg