Est. 2010

Coffee Paintings

These paintings are all done in coffee and pencil. That is right, where most people drink coffee I decided to paint with it instead. There are various techniques to this style and each piece is made with its own unique blend of coffee and espresso.

All You Need Is Love copy.jpg
Madonna Low.jpg
The Most Important Thing Is To Enjoy Life.jpg
Vivre Sa Vie.jpg
Take Your Time.jpg
Sundrentched World.jpg
Pachuca Sunrise.jpg
Of The Beautiful Annabel Lee.jpg
My Kind of Town Chicago is....jpg
A Beautiful Mess Coffee copy.jpg
A Half Remembered Dream copy.jpg
A Hundred Million Suns copy.jpg
A Million Little Pieces Coffee copy.jpg
A Moment of Clarity copy.jpg
A Woman Is A Woman copy.jpg
Barrack Obama 2012 Coffee copy.jpg
Extraordinary Machine copy.jpg
Fly Me to the Moon copy.jpg
Fragile No. 4 copy.jpg
I Could Break You Coffee copy.jpg
Kent State May 4 1970 Coffee copy.jpg
It's Natural To Be Afraid Coffee copy.jpg
Good Bye Norma Jean 1 copy.jpg
Good Bye Norma Jean 2 copy.jpg
Good Bye Norma Jean 3 copy.jpg
The Misfit copy 2.jpg
The Rat Pack copy 2.jpg
The Seven Year Itch copy.jpg
Uncle Wiggley In Connecticut copy.jpg
Michael Jackson copy.jpg
The Oliver Hotel copy.jpg
So Long Sweet Summer.jpg
In My Place copy.jpg
Lush Life copy.jpg
Blue Train%22- John Coltrane copy.jpg
Prince small.jpeg