Est. 2010

Meet the Artist


Terminal Tower

-A work in Progress-

Meet the Artist

I do not always set out to produce art about one subject or another. I am never without a sketchbook and I am often doodling ideas within its pages. Sometimes these drawings are left within the sketchbook waiting to be revisited and others develop and take on their own meaning and develop into a completed piece. 

My work tends to focus on people, places and things. I really enjoy drawing people in their everyday lives and using a variety of mediums to capture each moment and make them unique. I also found that drawing cityscapes and old buildings as therapeutic. These buildings are a symbol for so much and truly as just beautiful and give the cities their character. I also found using recycled materials like coffee and paper to be rewarding and each piece would have its own tone and textures. I also found working in patterns, hatch marks, splatter and words rewarding because they show beauty and messages in different ways. Words can allow for a separate ayer of meaning to be placed in a piece, while line work can be interpreted in many ways based on how the line is made and developed. 

For me art is an expression of myself, my passions and I seek images that show inner beauty, whether the art depicts people or buildings. The message for me has always been to see the beauty and mastery in everything and to really see people and their passions  in everything we are surrounded in. We all have a story to tell and for me trying to depict a story or a feeling in a piece of art is my goal and I hope that I can make others feel something within themselves through my art. 

Most of my work was not created with a certain feeling or plan in mind. For me, art develops and evolves over time and from person to person. My images are simply things that caught my eye and I felt could tell a story. I never like explain a certain piece of work, because it is important for me that everyone takes something different way from the art and finds their own feelings or meaning within the confines of the paper. There is no right or wrong message or feeling to get from art, because art in itself is interpretive and subjective. Every viewer and artist takes something a little different from the same piece of art and I am happy with that.