Est. 2010

Splatter Pop Art

These pieces are created to appease my inner nerd and comic geek. Each piece is created using water color paints to create a background constructed of each super hero’s uniform color. Than a Sharpie sketched image is placed over the watercolor backdrop to give the piece of Modern Art meeting Pop Art.

Life in Technicolor copy.jpg
Dr. No James Bond Small.jpg
Deadpool Small.jpg
The Amazing Spiderman Low.jpg
The Dark Knight Low.jpg
Antman Small.jpg
The Incredible Hulk Small.jpg
Hooked on a Feeling Small.jpg
House Clegane- Sworn to Lannister Small.jpg
House Greyjoy- We Do Not Sow Small.jpg
House Lannister- Hear Me Roar Small.jpg
House Tully- Family, Duty, Honor Small.jpg
House Tyrell- Growing Strong Small.jpg
Pick on Someone Your Own Size Small.jpg
Rocket Raccoon Small.jpg
Blue Train-blue note 95326%22 John Coltrane copy.jpg
Color James Dean copy.jpg
Imagine copy.jpg
Nittany Lions copy.jpg
Sometimes You Have to Run Before You Walk copy.jpg
Billionaire, genius, playboy, philanthropist copy.jpg
20130603211113_Page_1 copy.jpg
20130603211113_Page_3 copy.jpg
Lady Lazarus copy.jpg
Nine Stories copy.jpg
Deep in Darkness Peering copy.jpg
In The Flowers copy.jpg
The Wolverine copy.jpg
Old Blue Eyes small.jpg
Tombstone Blues small.jpg
Ali V. Liston small.jpg
Love is Love small.jpg